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"We were so lucky to find this group. Jack is responsive with questions and quick to alert us to the ever-changing landscape of regulations that are imposed. He really makes the process easy. We have increased our sunglasses imports dramatically in the past couple years and will import over $300K worth of goods in 2017 - so far no issues with shipments at all. The savings by group importing has been fantastic, I can't recommend this enough." Scott, Owner/Founder, Roshambo Baby, Inc.  October 10, 2022

"I’m with the group since 2014. Over my years with the group I had all the necessary support and assistance resolving import and shipping issues. Wealth of knowledge and experience I can tap into thanks to my membership is difficult to overestimate. I’m planning on staying with group and suggesting becoming a member to all my colleagues."  Eli Katzman, Owner/ Lookout Eyewear Inc.  October 10, 2022

"I can't stress hard enough the quality of added value brought by Jack to our company. We joined the group in 2014 and ever since Jack has not only been instrumental in streamlining our exporting and importing FDA documentations, but also helping us in navigating through constantly changing FDA rules. If you join the group, Jack will save you precious time, money and hassle." Artur Pilat, Founder/Owner of OVVO Optics LLC. October 14, 2022

“Jack’s organization certainly saves a bundle of cash every year.  His advice and consultation with us as to the formatting of our shipping documents in order that FDA clear our shipments expeditiously and without stoppage has been invaluable.  I highly recommend his firm.”  Gerry Boughan, CEO, Occularium, Inc. (U.S. Distributor of Mó Eyewear)  October 11, 2022

Working with the Sun Design FDA group has saved my company a great deal of money rather having my own FDA license. I have used Jack Taber's experience and knowledge for the last 20 years in being able to import and "receive" exactly what was ordered, in a timely manner. His level of experience in importing is superb to say the least. Not only will he save you a ton of money but he can navigate you through any of the pitfalls of dealing with international importing. I highly recommend his company!  David Feaser CEO Shades of George & Peak   October 16, 2022 

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