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Jack Taber founder and owner of Sun Designe Ltd of Florida began operating as a wholesale distributor of eyewear and eyewear accessories in 1998.  Working alongside Sun Designe Ltd in Watertown ,Ct.. the two companies began to expand into private label eyewear manufacturing serving an international client base.  Operating from offices in Watertwon, Ct., Palm City, Fl. and Wenzhou, China... learning the rules and regulations for importing FDA regulated products became an essential part of daily operations. 

After semi retiring in 2009, Jack decided he had to do something about the ever increasing financial burden of FDA Annual Establishment Registration Fees.  Starting with a handful of similar eyewear companies, Jack convinced them that there was no need for all of them to buy identical FDA Establishment Registrations.  The small group paid one registration fee and shared the cost and Sun Designe Ltd of Florida did all the importing for the rest of the group members and this is exactly what we have been doing ever since.  Jack got very good at navigating the Rules & Regulations of the FDA and the group members not only saved thousands of $$ every year , but they now have far less trouble importing their products.

Dr. Mary Taber joined me after retiring from her 40 year career in education.  A Dr. of Education specializing in special education with doctoral thesis in teaching mathematics.  Mary is an excellent communicator and will assist me in the day to day operations of our business.   

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